More About who we are

Over 12 years working for a major corporation in the travel industry gave me the tools to work as an independent marketing consultant for many companies, from start ups, to companies that needed that push to take them to the next level.  Over 15 years of experience helping companies to be more successful.


Since 1998 I have been in the floor coating industry and in 2000 started my own business that ran successfully for over 20 years.  With the years in marketing, and the years in the floor coating industry, I know that I am ready and have the knowledge to sell products to Professional floor coating installers and also to DIY customers.


As an installer, we always searched for products that would consistently work. For over 10 years my company installed the CTM products that I now distribute.  They are tried and true products and have always given us high quality floors.  I’m pleased to say that the floor coatings are all Canadian made.  We will be looking to add other products so that we can offer an even broader range of floor coatings.   For flakes, quartz and metallic powders we work with Torginol, one of the leaders in the industry – top quality products time after time.  In addition to the floor coatings and flakes, we also offer a full line of installation tools including brushes, squeegees, spike shoes and many more items.




The product line includes the true work horse product ECTR which is available in clear and coloured epoxy.  We sell tint pods to be added to the clear epoxy and we also can get pre tinted epoxies if there is enough time to order them in.  There are a wide range of colours in the tint pods – please look at the links.

As well as ECTR, we also offer high chemical resistant epoxies, epoxy crack fillers, epoxy membranes and other epoxy products.  See the attached listing.



The polyaspartic is a UV stable, two component product, 83% solids topcoat.  It has many uses including marine protection, fiberglass, steel, concrete or wood, maintenance facilities, industrial shop floors and many more uses.  Fast cure time and non yellowing.



We offer both epoxy and urethanes in water based versions.  These are great hardwearing products with low VOC’s, quick turn around time, and easy to install application.


Polyurethane Coating

A two-component, 90% solids, VOC compliant, polyurethane coating developed as a topcoat. The product contains a UV protector and provides a glossy finish with superior chemical resistance. It exhibits excellent physical properties and can be used for marine protection for fiberglass, steel, concrete or wood, maintenance facilities, offshore platforms, industrial shop floors, car washes or wash bays, bridges, wastewater treatment applications.


Vapour Reduction Membrane

Vapor reduction membranes are a 100% solid, two-component epoxy coating. They control the moisture vapor emission rate on deteriorated or new floors. As well, they meet ASTM F3010 product requirements for vapor permeance (when applied at a thickness of 18 mils). As a result, the coating will control moisture vapor emission rates up to 25 lb. /24 hr /1000 square feet.


Epoxy Crack Filler

We will be your supplier for all epoxy crack filler – available in regular speed, fast or super-fast cure times.  Epoxy crack filler is a two-component, sag resistant structural epoxy designed to repair cracks. It bonds well to concrete, masonry, wood, metal and plastics. This product contains no solvent, is complaint with the CFIA regulations for indirect food contact, and meets the VOC regulations limit of under 100 g/L for architectural floor coatings.


We also supply one day garage kits, traffic deck membrane systems, textured coatings, and standard and metallic colour tints!



FLAKE | Polymer ColorFlakes

We have access to a large supply of decorative flakes. Our supplier warehouse shelves 15 colour blends of the most popular selections. Fully compatible with specialty coating systems, flakes are truly an excellent way to add durability and anti-slip while creating a unique, attractive, and easy to clean finish. Try and be creative with decorative flakes by adding random amounts of solid colours to blends to make your room extremely one of a kind!



THE Quartz granules we offer are an almost sparkling decorative finish that can be applied in multiple ways. They create different textures and levels of slip resistance. Quartz flooring systems see their largest popularity in pools, outdoor patios, food production facilities, labs and bathroom facilities.

Quartz ColourGranules sizes:

  • 40S Broadcast Grade
  • 25A Trowel Grade


***Quartz is special order, not an in stock item.


MICA | Natural MicaFlakes

These super neat metallic flakes come from sheet silicate minerals known as mica. Through manufacturing, the shape of the mica is separated into sheet-like pieces and broken down. In other words, they provide a natural shiny finish to flooring systems with a flake decorative pattern. This cannot be achieved with any other engineered material!

***Special order only, not an in stock item..


Preparation is so important for a long lasting floor.

Prompt Delivery In Western Canada

We offer a full line of products that are designed for the do-it-yourselfer. Products for a great home garage floor, or possibly a recreation room that you’ve always wanted to turn into a hockey rink or a funky 70’s disco – the choices and options are endless. We also offer installation tools so that you have a one stop shopping experience. We can help you with suggestions and guidance on installations. Check out our flake floor installation video!

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